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EDITED Vintage is first and foremost a love of traditional vintage clothing. From vintage Levi’s to vintage Harley Davidson tees, EDITED Vintage is a capsule collection of pieces that can be worn with your present-day wardrobe.

The quality of vintage clothing far exceeds most fast fashion brands today. You won’t find yourself throwing out your vintage pieces in your next wardrobe EDIT. They are wardrobe staples that break the fashion trend cycle. Vintage clothing only gets better with age.

EDITED Vintage is secondly about creating sustainable fashion. When you buy these pre-loved pieces you are actively helping reduce the growing landfill sites around the world. You’re buying unmatched character and years of stories in each vintage piece.

It can be taxing spending hours online and in op shops searching for the perfect vintage jeans or the perfect band tee. We’ve EDITED this process for you so that all your favourite vintage fashion pieces are in one place. What you see is what you get and the item pictured in each photo is what you will be buying.

Each EDITED Vintage clothing capsule will be reloaded with new pieces but once they’re gone they will never be back so don’t miss out.

Love Ed.

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